Pocket Money Toys

Children just love saving their pocket money for that special visit to the local souvenir shop, gift shop or fair so they can spend it on toys they have been wanting to get their hands on.

We stock a great range of wholesale pocket money toys, supplying toys at the perfect price point catering for all kids tastes with Slime, Unicorns, Bracelets, Dinosaur & Car Racers. Order online in small qualities and low minimum order at amazing wholesale prices.

Bubbles are always fun! A novelty monster design bubble wand with a star, heart or flower handle.
ITEM # 43940
 a fun toy for any little one
ITEM # 38131
a little box filled with excavating tools to discover a cool glowing shark fossil
ITEM # 46570
A mix of squishy dinosaurs filled with red and blue beads
ITEM # 46573
An assortment of fun and colourful themed snap bracelets,
ITEM # 42473
A fun mix of drawing pencils each topped with a fun farm yard animal eraser
ITEM # 45176
 A hatching egg with a surprise farm animal enclosed inside.
ITEM # 45198
Super funky amazing bath bombs!
ITEM # 46096
This fun themed Dig-a-saurs set will be sure to keep any little one entertained for hours
ITEM # 45885
 A box of fun squishy dinosaur mesh balls
ITEM # 41815
 Squishy toys are very on trend at the minute and so we bring you this squishy black spider that oozes colourful beads.
ITEM # 46393
A dinosaur shaped squishy toy oozing colourful beads
ITEM # 46394
Collectable sweetie friends dolls by magical kingdom. A fabulous pocket money priced gift item.
ITEM # 43402
An assortment of fairy princess pocket money priced toys. A great pocket money priced item.
ITEM # 43400
A pack of assorted Dinosaur Figures,
ITEM # 47009
A pack of assorted Farm Animal Figures,
ITEM # 47010
These super cool and gross bouncy eye balls will be sure to keep your little one entertained for hours!
ITEM # 35544
An old favourite are these wind-up chattering teeth
ITEM # 46083
Low Stock
A high bouncing ocean themed light up ball
ITEM # 46081
A fun and creepy mix of flashing bouncy balls
ITEM # 46085
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