Fall in love with our collection of wool and felt wholesale christmas decorations, which includes standing ornaments, wall art and hanging decorations. These items are cute and unique in design and will compliment many of your favourite Christmas themes. If you’re looking for something which is quirky, unique and completely adorable!

Felt Christmas Decorations & Accessories

An adorable felt dachshund with a red and white stripe jumper and matching hat.
ITEM # 45805
Three assorted felt hanging dog Christmas decorations
ITEM # 44425
a cute woollen dinosaur wrapped up in lights and topped with a gold star
ITEM # 44394
A unique felt dinosaur figure dressed in a Santa costume. A fun and festive decoration for little and big kids to enjoy!
ITEM # 44395
A much loved sitting Gonk decoration with red boots, bendy hat and a wonderfully full beard.
ITEM # 44438
An assortment of flamboyant felt mice in tutus
ITEM # 45095
 A cute little hanging felt hedgehog in a blush pink tone. Perfectly accessorised with gold glitter antlers and star
ITEM # 44085
 A cute little woollen Llama with an added bell necklace and green saddle
ITEM # 44097
 An adorably fuzzy woollen hedgehog decorated with faux fur spikes and a sweet little knitted jumper
ITEM # 44088
A cute little woollen bunny with an adorable green knitted jumper decal and skis
ITEM # 44089
 A charming little woollen Reindeer decoration dressed in a green outfit and placed on skis
ITEM # 44091
A charming felt mouse in a wooly green hat and jumper
ITEM # 45792
 A fuzzy woollen Christmas tree in a beige tone, decorated with little rusted bells and a wooden star on top
ITEM # 44098
A gorgeous grey felt reindeer with a gold and grey knitted scarf and coat and twig antlers.
ITEM # 45806
A unique and fabulous hanging octopus decoration with bendy legs and a diamond necklace.
ITEM # 45795
A gorgeous felt squirrel with a tall bushy tail, red striped scarf and golden acorn
ITEM # 45807
A charming felt mouse with a tartan jumper, glitter necklace and frosted berry bouquet.
ITEM # 45791
A chic felt mouse decoration with a pink feather dress, diamond necklace and crown.
ITEM # 45794
An adorable woodland fox decoration with bushy whiskers and a red knitted hat.
ITEM # 45808
A delightful little pink fuzzy piggy hanging decoration, perfectly dressed up as a Princess Ballerina
ITEM # 44094
An adorable woollen sausage dog dressed up in a sparkly tutu
ITEM # 44389
An adorable felt mouse decoration with a garland of colourful lights.
ITEM # 34267
An adorable mouse on swing with knitted star jumper. A unique hanging decoration.
ITEM # 29893
A charming felt mouse decoration with a knitted jumper, glasses and book.
ITEM # 34262
This little winter ready mouse decoration will be sure to bring a fun and festive feel to any display scene or home deco
ITEM # 40645
An utterly adorable wool penguin decoration. An unmissable festive item.
ITEM # 28988
 This little woollen penguin will be sure to add a wintery touch to any themed space of the home
ITEM # 39929
A charming woodland style wool reindeer set on a bark hook. Great for stockings!
ITEM # 28983
 Bring a sweet and charming little touch to any home decor or display with this grey woollen reindeer figure
ITEM # 40644
A gorgeous skiing mouse with festive scarf set within a dome with snow.
ITEM # 29900
An adorable felt mouse decoration with a gold lantern, Christmas hat and scarf.
ITEM # 34265
An adorable and unique Christmas mouse decoration with Santa's hat and colourful lights.
ITEM # 34266
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