Floral Romance

A charmingly simple decorative ornament, perfectly suitable to bring to any home space or display
ITEM # 46649
A mix of 2 glass tube candles with beautiful garden scented candles.
ITEM # 44017
Ceramic teapot decoration with artificial lavender plant
ITEM # 26597
Ceramic tea pot decoration with artificial lavender plant
ITEM # 26598
A chic and charming distressed metal wheelbarrow planter, complete with natural wooden handles
ITEM # 46800
A grey wooden bottle holder with a love slogan. Ideal for displaying stems and herbs.
ITEM # 42641
Small Rustic Zinc Churn
ITEM # 30107
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Low Stock
A stylishly simple Ceramic Crown in a soft grey tone
ITEM # 42657
 Set with a decorative ridged decal, this bubble shaped blue bowl will be sure to tie in with any themed home space
ITEM # 46042
An assortment of 2 scented candles set within a glass pot. Complete with floral packaging, making a lovely gift item.
ITEM # 44019
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An assortment of 2 floral design travel mugs, with whimsical flowers and butterflies.
ITEM # 44006
  Set with a neutral grey colouring, this glass vase also features a rounded look, collar neck and dimpled ridge
ITEM # 46048
Low Stock
A rustic style wooden holder with a love sign. Complete with 3 mini milk bottles, ideal for displaying herbs and stems.
ITEM # 42640
A rustic style metal jug with a distressed finish.
ITEM # 42608
A stylish and humorous sentiment slogan doorstop with embroidered lettering and a fabric carry handle.
ITEM # 43027
Low Stock
A distressed inspired metal jug with an embossed Garden text
ITEM # 45965
A Shabby Chic inspired set of sized crowns, perfectly finished with an added distressed feature
ITEM # 45964
A metal jug with an added distressed edge and blue bird print
ITEM # 45976
A single flower hook with a shabby chic finish. A gorgeous storage item for the home.
ITEM # 42963
An assortment of 2 hanging metal heart decorations, each with a delicate floral design and jute string hanger.
ITEM # 42962
A decorative grey metal crown. Perfect for placing over candles or plants. A chic home accessory.
ITEM # 33623
A mix of 3 decorative silver vases with a tarnished finish. A rough luxe item for the style savvy.
ITEM # 42150
A decorated stoneware vase with a vintage inspired glazed pattern and a raw clay base.
ITEM # 45952
A beautifully decorated rustic stoneware vase with a glazed patterned top and natural base.
ITEM # 45953
An assortment of 3 luxury living silver vase decorations. Each has a tarnished finish creating a desired rough luxe look
ITEM # 42149
The perfect addition to any treasured garden! Display this iron sign in your garden for a welcome to all visitors.
ITEM # 32473
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