Artificial Flowers

Scroll below to shop our collection of wholesale artificial flowers. Discover an abundance of blooms from branches, wholesale artificial flower bouquets and individual stems to succulents and cacti. We also have a lovely collection of sprays and planted pots in vintage and shabby chic designs. Our wholesale gifts are high quality and affordable. We have many artificial flowers which are unique in design which will brighten up the home. 

Artificial flowers look beautiful as part of shop displays adding colour and seasonal charm. They are great to dress weddings, events and parties as they can be re-used and treasured forever. We have many varieties of flowers and plants available giving your customers plenty of choice when selecting those special finishing touches for the home. It is easy to create a perfect centrepiece or decorative accent that will last.

Ceramic teapot decoration with artificial lavender plant
ITEM # 26597
Ceramic tea pot decoration with artificial lavender plant
ITEM # 26598
A gorgeous and popular themed artificial Orchid Spray, perfect for adding to any vase in the home
ITEM # 46647
This artificial eucalyptus spray looks stylish displayed alone or as a filler for additional flowers.
ITEM # 32973
A Large Bunch of Artificial Snowy White Peonies, a delightful accessory to add to any home
ITEM # 46978
An assortment of 4 artificial plants, each is set within a classic grey plant pot. A stylish home accessory.
ITEM # 30910
An artificial potted Fern in a matte black pot
ITEM # 36831
A beautiful assortment of rose bouquets in a glass jar and gel base
ITEM # 35710
 Bring a greenery touch to any interior with this artificial bunch of Eucalyptus
ITEM # 42410
 an assortment of lavender hanging garlands
ITEM # 36820
A mix of renunculus flowers set within glass jars with jute string.
ITEM # 31303
A beautiful and unique pink floral bouquet with natural twigs encasing the flowers.
ITEM # 42625
A beautiful and unique wooden floral bouquet with cream roses encased within a natural twig framework.
ITEM # 42624
 A beautiful bunch of artificial flowers tied together with a piece of straw.
ITEM # 41572
 A delicate white rose of a stem. A timeless floral decoration for the home.
ITEM # 36825
Set with a green tone, this artificial long stemmed thistle will place perfectly in any empty vase
ITEM # 43555
A stylish floral arrangement of lavender set within a glass bottle with a jute string bow.
ITEM # 31916
A beautiful bouquet of rosey pink peony flowers
ITEM # 43553
 Bring a touch of classical elegance to your home decor at Christmas time with this beautifully decorated orchid
ITEM # 40323
Small artificial lavender pots in an assortment of 2
ITEM # 24138
 Set within a plastic pot, this tall standing Artificial Rose Bush will be sure to add a traditional sense to any decor
ITEM # 47032
A stylish mix of artificial shrubs planted within concrete pots, set with embossed decals
ITEM # 47034
A mix of Artificial Potted Plants, each set with its own delicate colour
ITEM # 47037
 A large artificial eucalyptus stem, perfect for adding a contemporary edge to any interior
ITEM # 47040
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