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 Wholesale wall art, wholesale signs and wholesale plaques! Welcome to our collection of on trend and super stylish wall art, with many designs suitable for inside the home and the garden. We also have wholesale wall art which is perfect as wedding venue decorations and party decorations. Scroll below to shop our rustic barn stars, shabby chic signs, metal plaques and fabric wall hangings. We have vintage metal signs, retro wall art, slogan plaques and sentiment gifts. Create those statement displays and offer your customers those wow pieces for their home and to gift to others.
A unique and on trend wall art decoration with a native American influence.
ITEM # 42423
 Bring a beautifully sentimental touch to any home interior with this sleek white 3 framed wall art
ITEM # 41890
 A wonderful gift idea for friends or family members who may have lost loved ones recently
ITEM # 41888
A chunky wooden star decoration with a rustic finish and rope hanger.
ITEM # 43715
Low Stock
A large wooden anchor with a black wash and chunky rope detailing. A coastal inspired interior accessory.
ITEM # 42611
A large distressed wooden anchor with a chunky rope wrap. A beautiful coastal themed wall art.
ITEM # 42610
Explore the world with this stylish A4 scratch map which comes packaged in a stylish tube.
ITEM # 42441
A beautifully simple white wash framed plaque with an added neutral grey tone and printed script quote
ITEM # 41040
 Bring a Rustic Charm edge to any home interior or display set up this Christmas season with this distressed effect meta
ITEM # 40948
A pair of stunning angel wings with an antique gold finish. An on trend interior accessory.
ITEM # 33577
A pair of golden angel wings.
ITEM # 33579
 Bring a beautifully angelic touch to your home interior with this rustic inspired set of spread angel wings
ITEM # 40127
Low Stock
A unique pair of bronze angel wings. A chic decorative item for the home.
ITEM # 33678
Low Stock
A unique pair of bronze angel wings. A chic decorative item for the home.
ITEM # 33677
Beautiful decorative wall piece
ITEM # 29320
Wallshelf with Handles  Rustic metal wall shelf with handles
ITEM # 36599
I didn't choose the glam life. The glam life chose me. A stylish great gatsby inspired frame slogan print.
ITEM # 35464
It's the glitter that matters. A fabulous gold framed wall art with glitter slogan.
ITEM # 35467
A charming fabric hanging sign with love slogan and a pretty heart and floral design.
ITEM # 32454
A pretty fabric hanging sign with a 'to have and to hold' slogan. A great gift item and home accessory.
ITEM # 32455
A pretty shabby chic style cotton banner with a cake illustration.
ITEM # 28856
An assortment of 2 beautifully crafted dream catchers with beads, feathers and flowers.
ITEM # 44003
 A set of thee metal stars perfect to hang or arrange on a shelf this Christmas.
ITEM # 45917
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