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Wholesale trays, wholesale coasters, and wholesale placemats! A gift retailer or gift shop looking for trays, coasters and placemats? Look no further! Scroll below to shop our collection of wholesale trays, coasters and placemats in top trending styles and designs. These items make great gifts and are all essential homeware lines. We have slogan trays, Alice in Wonderland coasters, shabby chic heart trays, vintage living trays, and children’s melamine dinner trays. You will also discover gin coasters and placemats, prosecco and champagne gift sets and cocktail coasters and placemats too. 

We are a top UK Wholesalers who supplies UK and international gift retailers. You can purchase top ranges from Leonardo, REX International, Heaven Sends, William Morris and others from us in small quantities and at great prices.

 Part of a beautiful new range that will 'bee' sure to add a Spring feel to your kitchen worktops
ITEM # 46112
These cute heart coasters will look great in any home. Complete with holder.
ITEM # 15360
A gorgeously simple natural wooden cake stand, perfectly decorated with silver stag handles
ITEM # 46651
 This cute set of heart shaped coasters will be the perfect addition to any cozy home
ITEM # 36450
Six silicone 'record' coasters in a presentation box. Part of the Modern Man range.
ITEM # 34826
A shabby chic style wooden tray with heart handles. A popular gift item and interior accessory.
ITEM # 43336
The Eco Friendly Bamboo Eating Set is decorated with a colourful vehicle print motif.
ITEM # 47726
This Eco Friendly Bamboo Eating Set has a cute Space motif in bright colours.
ITEM # 47727
  A medium sized serving tray featuring a beautiful Lily Rose decal
ITEM # 48164
  Bring a Whimsical Underwater feel to your kitchen or Dining Room with this stylishly printed set of placemats
ITEM # 48180
A top trending medium sized tray with a bold and beautiful jungle fever design, featuring a jaguar and palm leaves.
ITEM # 47804
A set of 4 luxurious and on trend placemats with a colourful Jaguar and palm leaf design.
ITEM # 47802
Keep on top of the trends with this luxurious jungle fever design tray with a Jaguar and palm print.
ITEM # 47803
A set of 4 coasters with a top trending Jungle Fever design featuring a jaguar and palm leaves.
ITEM # 47801
A large tray with carry handles featuring a top trending Jungle Fever design in jewel like colours.
ITEM # 47805
A charming set of cork based coasters with a printed illustration of dog breeds
ITEM # 45634
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