Welcome to our collection of Luxury Living wholesale home decorations, home accessories and gifts. Here you will discover a stylish mix of contemporary and traditional products with that added wow factor. These high end, chic and glamorous products are designed to create maximum impact with minimum effort. Shop our range of candle holders, ceramics, door stops, figurines, photo frames, lanterns and glassware here. We have some real show stoppers with that popular luxury feel.

Luxury Living Wholesale Giftware & Decorative Accessories

A stylish tree decoration with a tarnished silver finish, set upon a chunky wooden base.
ITEM # 42430
A chic decorative tree ornament with a silver tarnished finish. Set upon a chunky wooden base.
ITEM # 42429
Hanging tlight holder in a pyramid shape
ITEM # 29458
A contemporary clock made from wood with laser cut roman numerals and contemporary hands. Complete with a silver frame.
ITEM # 41368
Bring a Luxe touch to your home spaces with this gorgeous dark green toned velvet cushion
ITEM # 44352
A stylish silver aluminium heart dish with a hammered finish. A chic gift item and interior accessory.
ITEM # 42688
A stunning silver bust featuring two elephant heads with trunks intertwined.
ITEM # 47783
A fine quality, wonderfully detailed gorilla figure in bronze from our popular Reflections range.
ITEM # 47784
A stunning bust featuring two silver hares. A luxury living item from our new natural world collection.
ITEM # 47781
A fine quality gazing hare ornament from our new natural world collection.
ITEM # 47779
A fine quality sitting hare ornament from our new natural world collection.
ITEM # 47780
A fine quality, luxury living, gorilla figure in bronze from our popular Reflections range.
ITEM # 47785
A fine quality silver boxing hare ornament with a wonderfully textured finish. From our new natural world range.
ITEM # 47782
A decorative silver pineapple decoration for the home
ITEM # 27638
A gorgeous set of Golden Luxe themed metal lanterns in assorted sizes
ITEM # 46650
 Hang up on any wall with additional golds, browns or vintage inspired decorations for a charming Luxe Living touch
ITEM # 40086
A beautiful silver toned buffed stags hook
ITEM # 44954
Golden Chic Crown Style Candle Holder
ITEM # 30352
An assortment of luxurious glass t-light holders with crushed glass and an antique finish inside.
ITEM # 45335
Low Stock
A beautifully modern themed picture frame with a glass front and silvered metal surround
ITEM # 43985
silver pineapple with removable lid
ITEM # 30161
A gorgeously simple natural wooden cake stand, perfectly decorated with silver stag handles
ITEM # 46651
Silver Bell Heart 10cm  Add a jingly touch to any space with this bell covered heart shape hanger
ITEM # 37655
Low Stock
A crouching Leopard Ornament, suitable for any home wanting a Wild Twist
ITEM # 45206
Low Stock
 Bring a modern touch to your home interior with this cushioned foot stool
ITEM # 45201
A mix of 2 contemporary wall clocks with silver roman numerals. A chic interior accessory.
ITEM # 41894
A stylish heart shaped ornament with a hammered finish and chunky wooden base.
ITEM # 42694
A stylish aluminium heart decoration with a hammered finish and a chunky wooden base.
ITEM # 42695
A Large golden toned Coral Sculpture set atop a natural wooden base
ITEM # 45833
A stylish and unique standing pug figurine with silver beading. A glamorous gift and interior accessory.
ITEM # 43329
A glamorous sitting french bulldog figurine with silver beading. A unique decoration for the home.
ITEM # 43326
Low Stock
, this round mandala patterned placemat will bring an added charm to any dining room
ITEM # 45258
Low Stock
A stylish and unique standing french bulldog decoration with silver beading.
ITEM # 43327
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